Inorganic Fertilizer No More

Rice planting is one of the important activity we should promote in our agriculture here in the Philippines. Half of the world’s population demands rice every day surveyed last 2012. Meaning, rice planters needs to double their effort to produce the rice needed by the people to sustain their needs. But what can we contribute to the farmers for them to help save money, time and effort in planting rice.

As farmers harvest rice every season, there are what we call Rice Stalks or Rice Straw together with the grains. Rice stalk is the vegetative part of the rice plant, cut at grain harvest or after. It may be burned and left on the field before the next ploughing, ploughed down as soil improver or used as a feed for livestock. Rice straw is a major forage in rice-producing areas.

pics rice stalk

There are articles regarding rice stalk that they feed it to the buffalos and it will be converted into milk. However, the energy in the rice stalk contained in this vast bulk of material is on the whole poorly utilized and its nitrogen incompletely returned to the soil. There are still developments in utilizing stalk in more efficient ways. As it is already used in ploughing as soil improver, why not create a machine that will convert rice stalk into an organic fertilizer. Farmers use inorganic fertilizers nowadays which are not good for the plants because the nutrients on it while growing are not pure. It is more efficient on their part because they will save money buying fertilizers. The machine aims to drain the nutrient in rice stalk, add some juices from the other drain plants and combine it to produce a complete nutrients used in organic fertilizer. We will add some juices from the rice stalk because the nutrients on the rice stalk as said earlier is incomplete in nitrogen.

As a whole, this plan is for our environment to have a broad use of each plants produces by our ecosystem. It is also for our farmers to give an easy way of growing crops. People are abusing our own environment and aside from teaching them how to discipline their use of environment we should know how to use what our ecosystem produces intelligently.


Internet Technology is Fun!

Internet Technology. At first, hearing this subject makes me wonder what kind of lesson this includes about. i’m not really good in computer but I really wanted to learn. Studying Internet technology gives me not just an idea but a clearer information on how powerful internet is. Every Monday and Thursday morning are the time we are studying this subject. our teacher who is graduated at University of the Philippines made me realize that is fun studying the internet. Things are just really simple and not complicated. If you are willing to learn from it. There are terms that aren’t familiar with me but when it will be discussed by our professor, you will just realized on yourself that it is just as simple as that. For example, the word Bluetooth, I am really wondering where that term came from but when the initials HB ( you will notice it at the logo of the Bluetooth) where in, it is named after the king of Denmark & Norway namely Harold Blattan.

Way back few weeks ago, I can still remember studying OSI Model. One of my classmate made a new mnemonics of the pattern on it. He changed it through the term “Ako’y Pogi Sa Tingin Ng Di Pogi!” that substitute for the Application layer, Presentation layer, Session layer, Transport layer, Network layer, Data link layer and Physical layer. See, this is just how incredible my classmate convert not that complicated things but a simple one . OSI Model is a networking protocol that unifies and create standards. After OSI Model, the next topic that we have discussed is the TCP/IP Model which is more upgraded than the OSI Model because it has only four layers. After discussing all of this we finally came to our finals.

Lets define Website, from the word itself site, meaning it is a vocation on the world wide web. The first time I found out that we are going to create a website, I got really excited. at the same time stress. Way back when I was in third year, I experience creating website as well. It’s really make my head hurts because of the codes used in the notepad. When our professor gave a preview on how to create a website, I can still remember what we have discussed when I was in third year. Thanks to our professor that he gave us templates of website which we can choose on what really fits to the website we are planning to do. I don’t know why but it just happened that what I have learned when I was in third year were all dissolved. But the best thing in creating a website is that every progress you are doing will considered as achievement in your group. It is really fun to explore Html and same with my classmates reaction, I am really grateful when I have edit my website on the notepad and check it in the Google Chrome, after refreshing it, it definitely change to it’s usual design. Yes! It is an achievement.

My Internet Technology class is really fun and amazing. Thanks to our handsome, intelligent teacher who is very entertaining to teach and sometimes insert his jokes just to break the ice. He used to have quizzes before we start our new discussion and even sometimes, I got low scores, he used to always say, that;s okay. Our instructor is a very positive and cheerful instructor. I can only say that, I enjoy Internet Technology because of him.


People are living in a Modern World right now. Most of us knows about technology and how it operates. One of the technolgy people commonly use is the computer wherein browsing using the Internet helps us to do whatever we want to accomplish.

Website is a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web. The result of what we are commonly typing on the web address is the website. Every website we are exploring, each of it remains remarkable on us if there is something catchy about it. It is what we can call User’s exerperience.

According to the website User’s Experience is everything designed into an information device with a human being to interact. It is the quality of experience or person has when interacting with a specific design. Simply, it is just the connection of the user and the website on how user can interact on his design.

My favorite website that I have fully known since I started browsing the Internet is the Facebook. This website makes me really feel that me as a user has an interaction with the website itself. It’s just something that I can feel comfortness whenever I’m exploring on it because there are something that catches my attention whenever I’m using it. It is really fun having a time with this website but I never spoils myself using this site all the time because there are still bad effects having a long time on it.

Machine behind Technology (Web 2.0 & Web 3.0)


Nowadays, Internet is a broad topic especially in terms of the web. Looking back in early ages, our generation had already progress. It is really true that nothing stays permanent in this world. Everything can be improve as time pass by. In terms of technology, our learnings in the web had progress. It only started with Web 1.0 in which the site owner produces contents and people can only read information on the web. It is an one purpose website only and that is to give or dissiminate information. Programmers realized that this kind of web may be improve to a better one. Just think about it, if there is Web 1.0, surely there will be a next generation on it. Through studies, Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 had been developed. It became more reliable and more convenient to the people using this kind of version. In Web 2.0, it’s intention is to provide users and developers with a greater space for creativity, customization and interactivity through collaboration and sharing of information. It is what we can also call Read and Write Web which means, the site owner and the site visitor produces contents. Open communication is the goal of this version because unlike Web 1.0, site visitors may have an interaction with the site owner. People can interact to the website they visit just like commenting on a certain information they have read. There are transferring of information in this version which is very reliable to the people. In addition to that, the data analysis of Web 2.0 is done by human elements which limits the level of data analysis that can possibly be realized given the limitations of human beings in knowledge, language, skills and consistency while the Web 3.0, it is identified as the the technology where the computers rather than humans generate information in the web and it is enhanced from Web 2.0. Web 3.0 is also known as semantic web in which the machine is much intellegent than humans wherein, what people think of, the machine knows it already. In addition to that, it defines the relationships between data resources and their properties and therefore data analysis is performed more efficiently since it is done by machine rather than human efforts. It makes the World Wide Web more interactive and responsive by the use of intellegent agents. As we can notice right now, we are in a Modern World were everything is high tech. Studying this kind of lesson will give us an idea on how a simple machine improves into a more intellegent version. That’s why, there’s no doubt that maybe someday, our world will all be modernized.

Challenge your Excuses

Exciting, challenging, and amazing. This is how I describe the program occur last January 29, 2015 at La Verdad Christian College- Caloocan. It was talk of the town when January came because there are sayings that this month will surely give a best shot for facing a new year especially for the 1st year students.

As the bread society announced the said activity, the higher years felt so excited giving us a glimpse that Christian Living Month is a very enjoyable activity. They gave us the list of category and we as a class discussed it seriously. The list of events were distributed by the panel of officers. Giving a task will surely “Challenge Our Excuses”. One of the event on Christian Living Activity Month is Christian Dance on which I joined.

Our practice in Christian Dance already started. The Teatro Kristiano in our class were the one who leads the dance. At first, they divided the stanza of the song into four groups. And I belong to first and last stanza. It was really hard for me to catch the steps taught by our choreographer. But as time passed by, I learned how to be more aware with my moves.

The Christian Living Month program begun. It was really fun watching the first part of the program MSNP. After the MSNP was the Gayak, Bible Preaching and Chorale. Followed by the Christian Dance. Before we started the performance, it was obvious that each of us were really nervous. Our performance had begun and we performed what we have practiced. After our dance, I felt the disappointment of Marianne (our choreographer) with the result of our dance because it is something we can call “epic”. The ending of our performance was not successful because we haven’t execute our props very well, the reason why not only Marianne but most of us became disappointed. Even if we were very confuse on our performance, we never let the day be ruin. After the Christian Dance was the ASOP La Verdad. There are many entries on the said event, and their songs were really good.

All the events were done and the awarding ceremony came. The happiest thing we unexpectedly achieve was the 2nd placer in Christian Dance. All of us were very shock that time that we almost shout as loud as we can. We claimed our recognition very happy on the stage even if the 2nd place has a tie. It was really fun celebrating the Christian Living Month. Thanks be to God for this wonderful day we’ve enjoyed a lot.

Victim of Poverty

According to the newspaper Philippine Star, Poverty rises up to 24.9% in the Philippines surveyed last July 2014. It is very alarming to see how our country, Philippines are getting worst and worst.

The hardest part seeing one of the effect of poverty in our country are the street children. Looking for their foods, begging for money and selling different things just to survive that whole day, not knowing what will happen on the next day.


Almost 250,000 children used to roam around the streets and around 25,000 on that is in Manila. They have no houses or any permanent place to go to and the only comfort zone they have is the street itself. Imagine what they experience facing the challenge of life in the young age and yet, they still experience violence and abuses.

Everyone should stop child abuse. The most helpful thing to do is to encourage them to be on a place where it can be called a Home. The other way to minimize the large population of street children is to help them be adopted in an orphanage for their own safety. Some with good hearts use to organize Alternative Education Programs to help street children be educated. Inch by Inch, this action will help street children be educated and by this process, it will continually decrease their population. No more abuses and violence. That is how we should treat each and everyone.

Uses of Social Media


As you can notice nowadays, our country Philippines has a large percent of Filipinos who are using social networking sites. These is were Social Media can be included. According to the site Wikipedia, 83% of Filipinos that had been surveyed are members of the social network. Meaning, Filipinos are pretty much aware on the recent happenings in our country through the help of social media.

What do you mean by social media? In my own opinion, social media has the role to disseminate information through the use of internet. As what I have read on the site Voice of the Youth, Social Media has the strength to influence and controls people’s mind. Yes, it is true, because through the power of social media not only by influencing but also by controlling one’s mind through persuasion. People can be easily persuade by what they see and what they hear not knowing that their mind were already been controlled by social media.

Social Media can also be a tool for us to gather information, update current happenings, share our own experiences through blogs or creating articles and lot more things that can help you discover yourself and anything you want. According to David Nail “Nowadays, Social Media is the easiest way to Go to Find Something”. Meaning, when a person wants to find something, Social Media is one of the tool they can count on. Some people takes Social Media as their comfort zone because these is where they can find their completeness. But still I believe, GOD is the only one who can help you find  completeness, not the Social Media.