Island of Dolls

Mexico Doll Island 14

There are sayings that this scariest and strangest tourist spot found in Mexico, City is dedicated to the lost soul of a poor little girl who met her fate too soon. How scary it is to picture out the whole scenario of the story on this picture.

The story goes on a man named Don Julian Santana who found a drown child in the canal 50 years ago. When he saw a doll floating in a canal, what he did was he hung it upon the tree to please the girl. Don Julian continued fishing dolls or parts of the dolls and hanging it in the island to satisfy his his tortured spirit. At the end of the story, Santana began trading his home and foods for dolls. The only thing that Don Julian Santana believes is that he could make the dead girl happy by hanging up the dolls upon the tree.

Seeing this kind of view can make people experience true horror doll movies. Even right now, this place is still considered as an scary island but for those who have already visited it will surely admire it.


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