Victim of Poverty

According to the newspaper Philippine Star, Poverty rises up to 24.9% in the Philippines surveyed last July 2014. It is very alarming to see how our country, Philippines are getting worst and worst.

The hardest part seeing one of the effect of poverty in our country are the street children. Looking for their foods, begging for money and selling different things just to survive that whole day, not knowing what will happen on the next day.


Almost 250,000 children used to roam around the streets and around 25,000 on that is in Manila. They have no houses or any permanent place to go to and the only comfort zone they have is the street itself. Imagine what they experience facing the challenge of life in the young age and yet, they still experience violence and abuses.

Everyone should stop child abuse. The most helpful thing to do is to encourage them to be on a place where it can be called a Home. The other way to minimize the large population of street children is to help them be adopted in an orphanage for their own safety. Some with good hearts use to organize Alternative Education Programs to help street children be educated. Inch by Inch, this action will help street children be educated and by this process, it will continually decrease their population. No more abuses and violence. That is how we should treat each and everyone.


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