Challenge your Excuses

Exciting, challenging, and amazing. This is how I describe the program occur last January 29, 2015 at La Verdad Christian College- Caloocan. It was talk of the town when January came because there are sayings that this month will surely give a best shot for facing a new year especially for the 1st year students.

As the bread society announced the said activity, the higher years felt so excited giving us a glimpse that Christian Living Month is a very enjoyable activity. They gave us the list of category and we as a class discussed it seriously. The list of events were distributed by the panel of officers. Giving a task will surely “Challenge Our Excuses”. One of the event on Christian Living Activity Month is Christian Dance on which I joined.

Our practice in Christian Dance already started. The Teatro Kristiano in our class were the one who leads the dance. At first, they divided the stanza of the song into four groups. And I belong to first and last stanza. It was really hard for me to catch the steps taught by our choreographer. But as time passed by, I learned how to be more aware with my moves.

The Christian Living Month program begun. It was really fun watching the first part of the program MSNP. After the MSNP was the Gayak, Bible Preaching and Chorale. Followed by the Christian Dance. Before we started the performance, it was obvious that each of us were really nervous. Our performance had begun and we performed what we have practiced. After our dance, I felt the disappointment of Marianne (our choreographer) with the result of our dance¬†because it is something we can call “epic”. The ending of our performance was not successful because we haven’t execute our props very well, the reason why not only Marianne but most of us became disappointed. Even if we were very confuse on our performance, we never let the day be ruin. After the Christian Dance was the ASOP La Verdad. There are many entries on the said event, and their songs were really good.

All the events were done and the awarding ceremony came. The happiest thing we unexpectedly achieve was the 2nd placer in Christian Dance. All of us were very shock that time that we almost shout as loud as we can. We claimed our recognition very happy on the stage even if the 2nd place has a tie. It was really fun celebrating the Christian Living Month. Thanks be to God for this wonderful day we’ve enjoyed a lot.


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