Machine behind Technology (Web 2.0 & Web 3.0)


Nowadays, Internet is a broad topic especially in terms of the web. Looking back in early ages, our generation had already progress. It is really true that nothing stays permanent in this world. Everything can be improve as time pass by. In terms of technology, our learnings in the web had progress. It only started with Web 1.0 in which the site owner produces contents and people can only read information on the web. It is an one purpose website only and that is to give or dissiminate information. Programmers realized that this kind of web may be improve to a better one. Just think about it, if there is Web 1.0, surely there will be a next generation on it. Through studies, Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 had been developed. It became more reliable and more convenient to the people using this kind of version. In Web 2.0, it’s intention is to provide users and developers with a greater space for creativity, customization and interactivity through collaboration and sharing of information. It is what we can also call Read and Write Web which means, the site owner and the site visitor produces contents. Open communication is the goal of this version because unlike Web 1.0, site visitors may have an interaction with the site owner. People can interact to the website they visit just like commenting on a certain information they have read. There are transferring of information in this version which is very reliable to the people. In addition to that, the data analysis of Web 2.0 is done by human elements which limits the level of data analysis that can possibly be realized given the limitations of human beings in knowledge, language, skills and consistency while the Web 3.0, it is identified as the the technology where the computers rather than humans generate information in the web and it is enhanced from Web 2.0. Web 3.0 is also known as semantic web in which the machine is much intellegent than humans wherein, what people think of, the machine knows it already. In addition to that, it defines the relationships between data resources and their properties and therefore data analysis is performed more efficiently since it is done by machine rather than human efforts. It makes the World Wide Web more interactive and responsive by the use of intellegent agents. As we can notice right now, we are in a Modern World were everything is high tech. Studying this kind of lesson will give us an idea on how a simple machine improves into a more intellegent version. That’s why, there’s no doubt that maybe someday, our world will all be modernized.


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