Internet Technology is Fun!

Internet Technology. At first, hearing this subject makes me wonder what kind of lesson this includes about. i’m not really good in computer but I really wanted to learn. Studying Internet technology gives me not just an idea but a clearer information on how powerful internet is. Every Monday and Thursday morning are the time we are studying this subject. our teacher who is graduated at University of the Philippines made me realize that is fun studying the internet. Things are just really simple and not complicated. If you are willing to learn from it. There are terms that aren’t familiar with me but when it will be discussed by our professor, you will just realized on yourself that it is just as simple as that. For example, the word Bluetooth, I am really wondering where that term came from but when the initials HB ( you will notice it at the logo of the Bluetooth) where in, it is named after the king of Denmark & Norway namely Harold Blattan.

Way back few weeks ago, I can still remember studying OSI Model. One of my classmate made a new mnemonics of the pattern on it. He changed it through the term “Ako’y Pogi Sa Tingin Ng Di Pogi!” that substitute for the Application layer, Presentation layer, Session layer, Transport layer, Network layer, Data link layer and Physical layer. See, this is just how incredible my classmate convert not that complicated things but a simple one . OSI Model is a networking protocol that unifies and create standards. After OSI Model, the next topic that we have discussed is the TCP/IP Model which is more upgraded than the OSI Model because it has only four layers. After discussing all of this we finally came to our finals.

Lets define Website, from the word itself site, meaning it is a vocation on the world wide web. The first time I found out that we are going to create a website, I got really excited. at the same time stress. Way back when I was in third year, I experience creating website as well. It’s really make my head hurts because of the codes used in the notepad. When our professor gave a preview on how to create a website, I can still remember what we have discussed when I was in third year. Thanks to our professor that he gave us templates of website which we can choose on what really fits to the website we are planning to do. I don’t know why but it just happened that what I have learned when I was in third year were all dissolved. But the best thing in creating a website is that every progress you are doing will considered as achievement in your group. It is really fun to explore Html and same with my classmates reaction, I am really grateful when I have edit my website on the notepad and check it in the Google Chrome, after refreshing it, it definitely change to it’s usual design. Yes! It is an achievement.

My Internet Technology class is really fun and amazing. Thanks to our handsome, intelligent teacher who is very entertaining to teach and sometimes insert his jokes just to break the ice. He used to have quizzes before we start our new discussion and even sometimes, I got low scores, he used to always say, that;s okay. Our instructor is a very positive and cheerful instructor. I can only say that, I enjoy Internet Technology because of him.


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