Bio: Hello There! I am Annievic C. Medilo, 17 years old from Cavite, Philippines. I am a freshmen Mass Communication Student and a full scholar on our school. My dream is to be a Media Practitioner someday who is not only good in writing but also in Public Speaking. Although it is hard for me to face a large crowd of people, as I practice being a Communicator, I will soon be as good as those who are already professional right now. It was not really my intention to take up Mass Communication because my first choice in College was BS Psychology. But due to the financial problem, I choose to study on a school recommended by my father. La Verdad Christian College is the name of the said school. All students who are studying in this school are full scholars. Free tuition fee, free uniform and free lunch. This is what they offer for those student who wants to study but can't afford to pay College expenses on College Universities. At first, I didn't believe on what they offer because it is only a miracle when you heard something that is free nowadays. But when I enrolled on this school, Yes it is true, it is true that all of it is free. The only thing that you should try to do is to study as hard as you can because it is the only payback you will do for the school. Even right now, I am still studying on this school and with the help of God, hopefully could graduate with the course of AB Communication.

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