Techie World

technology1On the Early Ages, Earth was known as a simple planet. Ancient people were living, men were working and all of the things here in Earth were all simple. But as time passed by, our knowledge had progress, and that knowledge were used to create different kinds of machines and electronic things that gives big help for our daily living.

Ancient people were very important in the field of technology. They started with nothing, analyzed everything and fulfilled those things that helped them in their daily living. According to the Discovery Channel “Ancient people needs to adopt in different changes happening on our planet”. That’s why these people have created things that will complete their needs and will help them in living much easier. The channel also indicates that foods, clothes and shelter are the primary needs in living. Setting their goals on how to get their daily needs is the way they can save their lives and survive in this planet.

Generations passed by, different scientist was born, lots of ideas were made and different kinds of things were invented. All of these helped our daily living easier. They gave a big help in the field of technology. Technology does not stay in a simple thing, it is improving and we who are not contented in what we have are aiming for more. According to Albert Einstein “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceed our humanity”. Same with Einstein, he sees our world surrounded by technolgy and we are all adopting it as a human being.

Technology was always there to help us and we, people are using it and aiming to make it better. It is the application of knowledge that we can get from our daily lives. People are learning because of the different thinking and skills that we have are more improving. Our daily needs helps us to pursue learning and gathering more information that we are going to use in fulfilling all our needs. Planet Earth is Soaring high in the field of technology and all of us living here are making it a Teachie World.


Island of Dolls

Mexico Doll Island 14

There are sayings that this scariest and strangest tourist spot found in Mexico, City is dedicated to the lost soul of a poor little girl who met her fate too soon. How scary it is to picture out the whole scenario of the story on this picture.

The story goes on a man named Don Julian Santana who found a drown child in the canal 50 years ago. When he saw a doll floating in a canal, what he did was he hung it upon the tree to please the girl. Don Julian continued fishing dolls or parts of the dolls and hanging it in the island to satisfy his his tortured spirit. At the end of the story, Santana began trading his home and foods for dolls. The only thing that Don Julian Santana believes is that he could make the dead girl happy by hanging up the dolls upon the tree.

Seeing this kind of view can make people experience true horror doll movies. Even right now, this place is still considered as an scary island but for those who have already visited it will surely admire it.


Broadcasting is a useful feature in email systems. It sends a message to everyone on the network whereas multicasting sends a message to a select list of the recipients. It also gives information to the viewer especially by newscasting. According to the Broadcasting School, some of the essential qualities broadcasting employees need to have include:
Reporters and anchors should have top-notch speaking skills, as well as excellent writing skills. Broadcast journalists should have sharp investigation skills to get the best information for the story. Camera operators and producers should also have a strong sense of investigation to help generate story ideas, get the best shots, and also to fuel the story along. Most important for those anchors and reporters should possess a good personality, a friendly disposition that viewers can connect with. A smiling face and gentle tone help viewers to develop a sense of trust.

Media, by nature, is a deadline-oriented, pressure-driven environment. Everyone in the broadcasting business should be able to handle pressure and meet deadlines as they are assigned. Every news that has been delivered through the viewers will reflect their reaction that’s why it is important that everyone is responsible on their duties, and aware to the comments of the viewers.


Nowadays, many high school students are dropping out. According to ASCD (Associate for Supervision and curriculum Development), approximately one-third of all high school students in the United States fail to graduate. The dropouts in the study identified five major reasons for leaving school. They were bored with school (47 percent); had missed too many days and could not catch up (43 percent); spent time with people who were not interested in school (42 percent); had too much freedom and not enough rules in their lives (38 percent); and were failing (35 percent). A majority of students said that they were not motivated to work hard, but that they would have worked harder had their teachers demanded more. Seventy percent believed that they could have graduated if they had tried. There are many factors that put a student at risk to dropping out of school. However, research has consistently indicated the following risk factors as variables that lead to a student dropping out of school:
Lack of Parent Engagement – some parents don’t hold high aspirations for their child’s educational attainment, their child will not see the purpose of staying in or doing well in school.
If parents are engaged early in the child’s educational career the child is more likely to be successful in school. Educational support (both financial and emotional) from parents is key to a child being successful and staying in school. The parent’s interest and investment in their child’s education shows the child that education is important. This consequently increases the child’s likelihood of having good academic performance.
Family Economic Needs – because of poverty, some students from lower socioeconomic status can’t provide their needs in school. This factor leads a student to drop out.
What could help to prevent students dropping is out is to improve communication between parents and schools. Fewer than half of students said that their schools contacted them or their parents when they were absent or had dropped out. Make school more engaging through real-world, experiential learning. Students want to see the connection between school and work.