Uses of Social Media


As you can notice nowadays, our country Philippines has a large percent of Filipinos who are using social networking sites. These is were Social Media can be included. According to the site Wikipedia, 83% of Filipinos that had been surveyed are members of the social network. Meaning, Filipinos are pretty much aware on the recent happenings in our country through the help of social media.

What do you mean by social media? In my own opinion, social media has the role to disseminate information through the use of internet. As what I have read on the site Voice of the Youth, Social Media has the strength to influence and controls people’s mind. Yes, it is true, because through the power of social media not only by influencing but also by controlling one’s mind through persuasion. People can be easily persuade by what they see and what they hear not knowing that their mind were already been controlled by social media.

Social Media can also be a tool for us to gather information, update current happenings, share our own experiences through blogs or creating articles and lot more things that can help you discover yourself and anything you want. According to David Nail “Nowadays, Social Media is the easiest way to Go to Find Something”. Meaning, when a person wants to find something, Social Media is one of the tool they can count on. Some people takes Social Media as their comfort zone because these is where they can find their completeness. But still I believe, GOD is the only one who can help you find  completeness, not the Social Media.


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