Broadcasting is a useful feature in email systems. It sends a message to everyone on the network whereas multicasting sends a message to a select list of the recipients. It also gives information to the viewer especially by newscasting. According to the Broadcasting School, some of the essential qualities broadcasting employees need to have include:
Reporters and anchors should have top-notch speaking skills, as well as excellent writing skills. Broadcast journalists should have sharp investigation skills to get the best information for the story. Camera operators and producers should also have a strong sense of investigation to help generate story ideas, get the best shots, and also to fuel the story along. Most important for those anchors and reporters should possess a good personality, a friendly disposition that viewers can connect with. A smiling face and gentle tone help viewers to develop a sense of trust.

Media, by nature, is a deadline-oriented, pressure-driven environment. Everyone in the broadcasting business should be able to handle pressure and meet deadlines as they are assigned. Every news that has been delivered through the viewers will reflect their reaction that’s why it is important that everyone is responsible on their duties, and aware to the comments of the viewers.


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